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    Victor A. Baranov, linguist, senior lecturer, Doctor of Philology, Head of the Laboratory of Computer-Aided Philological Research, Udmurtia State University, Izhevsk, Russia. Scientific interests include research in the fields of the Russian language, historical phonetics and grammar; works in the field of the Russian paleography, Russian dialects and historical lexicography. Lately he has been actively involved in the solution of the problems of automation of works with Old Russian manuscripts on the basis of old divine service documents (Menaions and Gospels of the XI-XIV centuries).

    Vitaly M. Markov, linguist, professor of Kazan State University, Doctor of Philology, Honored Worker of Science of RSFSR (1987), decorated with a breastplate "For Excellent Success in Work in the Field of Higher Education of USSR" (1985). Scientific interests include research in the history of the Russian language. He is the author of works on historical phonetics, lexicology, grammar, stylistics and Modern Russian. He is the founder of the grammar lexicology in the Russian linguistics and the author of the original theory of the process of fall of reduced vowels in the history of the Russian language and noun declension.

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