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07.07.04 - Open access to portalManuscript.
29.04.04 - Publication of the printed edition.
The publishing house UDMURTIA UNIVERSITY offers the book Novgorod Service Menaion for May (Putyatina Mineia), XI cent. The book including the Menaion text, research findings and indexes is a unique scientific edition. 50 printer's sheets, Cover No. 7. The edition counts 1000 books (700 on sale)

Orders are accepted at the following address:
1 Universitetskaya Str., 426034 Izhevsk, Udmurtia Republic, RUSSIA
Fax 8(3412) 75-21-55; е-mail: bus@uni.udm.ru;
Internet: http://www.uni.udm.ru/pubhouse

You may also contact Dr. Baranov: baranov@udm.ru
29.12.03 - Internet users can try to access the "Panteleymon Gospel" site operating in the test regime.
27.12.03 - Now news are found in a special section
2003 г. - A new monograph is published:
V. A. Baranov. Formation of the attributive categories in the history of the Russian language. Kazan: Publ.House KSU, 2003, 390 p.
Price: 200 roubles.

Oders are accepted at the followinga ddress:
426073, Izhevsk-72, p/b 1334
or by e-mail baranov@udm.ru
Conditions: payment forward.
2003 г. - The results of works on the development of the visual tool for filling the database of Old Russian texts are presented on the "Special Editor" site
2003 г. - The site "Putyatina Mineia" is supplemented with new possibilities:
  • Reverse index of word forms
  • Quantitative index of word forms
  • Index of forms under the titlo
  • Index of beginnings