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    Dear visitor,
   Our site is a web-interface to the database with information on the manuscript Putyatina Mineia. This means that each page appearing in the window of your browser is not a static file stored on a web-server. It is formed dynamically every time on the basis of the information stored in the database. Our database keeps detailed information on the presented manuscript collected and structured by a group of scientists as a result of research done over many years. The information is presented as objects characterised by various properties and numerous relationships. In our terms the objects are called text units. To help our visitor to evaluate the volumes of the processed information, we would like to give the following figures characterising the manuscript Putyatina Mineia: number of sheets - 135, number of units - about 1250000, number of relationships between units - about 1600000, number of unit properties - about 3700000. These figures grow and grow, as the works on the manuscript continue. New peculiarities are being revealed and new conclusions made. Curious visitors will find on our site unique possibilities for work with the manuscript and obtaining information of interest.

We wish you good luck!

Software used

    The project uses the software by Oracle:

How to begin operation

   To get the right presentation of the text in the Old Russian language, it is necessary to load the True Type font Putiata_.ttf or the archive Putiata.zip. Then it should be installed into the operation system (for example, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP. Simply save the file Putiata_.ttf in a folder and then drag it by the mouse into the folder %WINDOWS_HOME%\Fonts\ where %WINDOWS_HOME% is the folder with the installed Windows).

   Some pages and grammatical characteristics are still in Russian. If you don't see them correctly, please go through the following steps:

  1. Install a font that supports Cyrillic alphabet (eg, Times New Roman)
  2. Select "Cyrillic (Windows)" encoding in your browser (eg, View -> Encoding -> Cyrillic (Windows) in Internet Explorer 6.0)

    The site is optimized for operation at a resolution of 800x600. The browser should support JavaScript and process the attribute FACE of the FONT tag. We tested browsers Internet Explorer 4.0 and later versions that are acceptable. Unfortunately Netscape Communicator does not support the fonts and cannot be used.

    If you use Internet Explorer 5.5 and later versions, be aware that these browsers represent the font Putyata.ttf. inaccurately, which is manifested by a space appearing after some titlos and superlinear letters that is absent in the original. We are looking for ways to solve this problem.