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Electronic edition          

    The electronic edition of the Putyatina Mineia on the Internet was performed on the basis of the printed publication of this manuscript. It is natural that the authors and developers followed the rules of the traditional composition of this type of works. The electronic edition contains the same sections as the printed version: texts, indexes, commentaries, bibliography, illustrations etc. We were guided by the idea that the presentation of the material in the form close to the traditional rules of printed editions would help the researcher to use easily both the texts and indexed.

    At the same time the functional possibilities of the electronic edition differ considerably thereby creating the conditions for presentation of the material so that it would be accessible not only for work with the text and information search in the indexes, but also for data retrieval.

    The first version of the electronic edition includes some sections existing in the Putyatina Mineia manuscript, for example, the paleographical and technical descriptions. They will be introduced into the Internet version as the electronic version develops.

    The authors and developers of the electronic edition hope that their work will be of interest to the Internet users and will be grateful for any suggestions expressed.

    We suppose that in the future the first imperfect version of the electronic edition will be replaced by new, more informative, functionally diverse, easy to use and exact versions.

    We would be happy to find new colleagues for cooperation among those involved in studying ancient manuscripts, their preparation for publication, edition, and development of full-text databases and theoretical grounds of the corpus linguistics.