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    The May Service Menaion of the XI century ("Putyatina Mineia"), RNL, Sof. 202, JC No. 21 [PL No. 10], 135 sheets. The manuscript was written on parchment of 10 in one column. Its ustav is medium by size. The manuscript is called "Putyatina Mineia" by the name of the scribe who made the final entry on sheet 135. Old Russian. The language contains the traits of the Novgorod dialect. The text has included small fragments written in other handwritings. The main scribe uses diacritical marks.

Creation period: The first half or middle of the XI century.
Place of creation: Novgorod
Scribes. Two scribes: scribe Putyata, unknown scribe
Storage place: Russian National Library (S-Petersburg).
Contents, structure and composition
Authors of verses
Final entry, appendices, additions, marks
Song with notes